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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Jamie ColvilleJamie Colville
Sunny Morning Pass In Aberdeen
Iain was extremely helpful and he provides a great understanding of driving. He has a positive attitude and strives to create safe and good drivers.

Sean AmbroseSean Ambrose
Great Saturday Drive
Iain has been a superb instructor. He is patient, good humoured and his knowledge of driving is impeccable. He will go to great lengths to ensure his students are test ready, even if it means giving lessons at weekends. Overall, a fantastic instructor and grade ‘A’ chap.

Joanna stewartJoanna stewart
1st Time Pass
Iain was a great instructor and teacher. He has a breadth and depth of knowledge beyond most instructors and has very high standards which ensures safe drivers that he teaches. I only used the LDC workbook for the ‘Show Me/Tell Me’ questions and for clutch work at the very beginning of my learning with Iain. I didn’t use any of the other materials as I think a lot of the learning comes from driving. Would recommend Iain, good instructor and alright chat.

Scott CampbellScott Campbell
Passed 1st Time
Delighted with Iain as my instructor. I felt really comfortable from lesson one. No pressure put on me at any time and I couldn’t recommend Iain enough.

Amy ParkAmy Park
1st Time Pass
Very patient, kind and not too serious or strict. My instructor (Iain) made learning to drive stress free and enjoyable and a very comfortable and safe environment. I used the LDC workbook for my ‘Show Me/Tell Me’ questions and that helped a great deal.

Priscilla Adupong Priscilla Adupong
Passed 1st Time
One of the most useful things that helped me was the debrief at the end of each lesson. It allowed me to reflect how each lesson went and what I needed to improve on next lesson. Iain really helped me to overcome my anxiety on the road. Each lesson was person-centred, meaning it was about what I wanted to do and what I felt comfortable doing. Everything was perfect, no improvements.

Murray Anderson Murray Anderson
1st Time Pass
I would highly recommend Iain from LDC. Professional lessons, easy to work with and get along with. I found the LDC Workbook very helpful with examples and the ‘Show Me/Tell Me’ questions.

James MackmanJames Mackman
Passed 1st Time
The LDC workbook was a useful resource. Iain’s teaching was very good, a very fair teacher, who had no problem telling me when I was both right and wrong. I would give him 6 out of 5 if possible. Overall, very happy.

Barry StirtonBarry Stirton
Passed With Zero Faults
My instructor Iain was first class from day one. I’ve had lessons before with different instructors and never felt like I was picking anything new up but with Iain, he identified the areas that needed improvement and worked on them right from the start. The LDC Workbook was really helpful with the ‘Show Me/Tell Me’ questions but apart from that, I never really used it. When it came to my test, I was fully prepared and passed with zero faults.

Kerry WinkKerry Wink
First Time Pass
Iain had a lot of time and patience for me and always made me feel at ease on my nervous days. Great instructor.

Helen GoveHelen Gove
Passed 1st Time
Workbook very useful, online theory excellent. As an instructor, very supportive of the fact anxiety played a large part of my life. Pushed me to do things I struggled with but knew I was able to do. Took the time to talk through everything and more. When struggling in a lesson, knew when to take time to help me relax and continue on with the lesson. Excellent, would recommend.

Matthew ScottMatthew Scott
First Time Pass
I think Iain is a great driving instructor and would recommend him to anyone learning to drive. The LDC workbook is very handy for learning the questions/theory. Overall, I had a good experience learning to drive and could not ask for a better driving instructor. The teaching points he gave are clear and useful, helping me to become a better driver.

Danielle DalgarnoDanielle Dalgarno
Huge Congratulations!
Iain is very patient, encouraging and straight to the point. Gives you all the tools and information you need to feel confident and capable of driving.

Cameron CummingsCameron Cummings
Passed 1st Time
Good driving instructor. I found the workbook helpful whilst learning to drive.

Kali FentonKali Fenton
Passed 1st Time
I thought you were a really good instructor. I know I wasn’t the best to start with but you got me through it. I will recommend you to any one I show who wants to learn to drive.

Mairi ClarkeMairi Clarke
Passed With Only 1 Driving Fault
Iain was a very helpful and clear instructor. I found his teaching techniques really effective and I would recommend him to friends. The LDC Workbook was very helpful and I also found the theory test app beneficial to helping me pass that.

Lynda ThackreyLynda Thackrey
Passed 1st Time
Really useful workbook. Instructor was helpful with my town driving and teaching me to drive to the system. Instructor was also helpful with manoeuvres and helped me to master them.

Lewis CampbellLewis Campbell
Great Drive To Pass
From day one, Iain put me at ease straight away. He spoke me through what would be required for both the theory and practical stages of learning to drive. The LDC books, videos and learning methods were of a great help. Iain was a great instructor and explained things really well. He was always calm and made me feel relaxed and confident when driving. At all times, I found Iain’s driving methods to be excellent and he spoke me through any issues that I had and how best to sort them. Without Iain’s personality and teaching methods, I don’t think I would have had the confidence to pass. I would recommend Iain to everyone.

Lewis WaltersonLewis Walterson
Passed 1st Time
Iain is a very positive, encouraging instructor that creates a very relaxed atmosphere in the car and was an all round great instructor.

Jasmyn Dalgarno Jasmyn Dalgarno
Passed 1st Time
Iain is a great instructor. Very straightforward with instructions and easy to understand. He is very helpful, highly recommend.

Andrei DunaAndrei Duna
Passed 1st Time
Iain has been the best instructor I could have asked for. Very patient and very good at what he does. The LDC Workbook was very helpful, especially in the days coming to the exam.

Rebekka QuinRebekka Quin
Passed In Very Wet Weather
Iain was my only Driving Instructor but I’m more than happy that he was. He taught me everything very well and quickly and I’m very proud to have come back to the test centre to say I passed. The workbook helped me learn my ‘Show Me/Tell Me’ questions a lot. I’m grateful for having such an awesome instructor.

Dawn Zaiter Dawn Zaiter
Passed 1st Time
Iain is an excellent instructor. After 20 lessons I was able to learn manual driving and pass my test. The instructions in the LDC Workbook has helped so much and they were easy to follow. Thanks Iain, thank you LDC. This is a happy day.

Kirsty McEwingKirsty McEwing
Really good. The LD Workbook helped with the ‘Show Me/Tell Me’ questions and manoeuvres. Iain helped me to gain confidence with driving and I would recommend him to others.

Brogan Coates
Very friendly and easy to talk to. Gives good feedback on what the learner can do better. Would definitely recommend.

Cameron MilneCameron Milne
He was really helpful during the build up to my test and sorted some bad habits I had. My parking has improved so much. All in a really good teacher.

Ellie BrownEllie Brown
Iain is extremely patient and understanding. He made sure I had a full understanding of car controls and road rules, making sure I was fully confident before booking my test. He took the needed time to help me with anything I struggled with. The LDC book is extremely helpful and detailed, also it helped me understand the format of the test.

Jonathan LenghJonathan Lengh
I found Iain to be an excellent instructor. From day one he makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, which goes a long way when learning to drive. He explains things precisely and clear and has no problem going over manoeuvres, allowing you to feel comfortable in making a mistake or asking questions. He maintains a strong level of professionalism whilst making learning to drive, a fun experience.

Erin WalkerErin Walker
Huge congratulations to Erin Walker on passing her driving test, first time, with only 8 DF’s and a brilliant drive. Well done and wishing you safe driving for the future.